Voicemail CDR?


Im trying to implement a quite big voicemail system and I need to charge the calling parties for calls to the voicemail. We need the callers to be charged for the time since the user heards the beep until the call hangup.

Id like to know if there is a way of creating a CDR with this characteristics :question:
Do I have to modify the source code of the voicemail app ? if so, how can I interact from there with the cdr app ?

The Idea is that no CDR is generated if the caller hangs the phone before hearing the recording beep (wich means, that no message was left).

Ideas, suggestions and HOW-TOs are very welcome :smile:

Thanks in advance.


The current voicemail app can not do this, although it would be an interesting hack. Another option may be to use DeadAGI after the caller hung up to launch an external app that checks to see if a new voicemail was left for that user, and then updates the CDR appropriately.