Voicemail bug concatenating user name to email address

I have been working on this one all day. What is happening is that in asterisk 1.8, the voicemail system is concatenating the user name and email address and then sending the concatenated mess to the server when attempting to send voice mails to an email address. Here is what I have:

I have sendmail set to send it to my local mail server with this:

Now, when I leave a message, I can see on my email console that it is attempting to send email to Dennisn4mwd.at.yahoo.com which wont go through. It concatenated the user name and email address. If I change the mailbox line to “super dennis, n4mwd…” it then tries to send it to “superdennisn4mwd” - note how it strips the punctuation.

I know asterisk is messed up some how because if I change the user name to “n4” and the email to “mwd@…” the email is sent just fine to “n4mwd@…”.

Has anyone else seen this bug? I’m running asterisk 1.8 on Tomato. The sendmail is busybox sendmail.

Ok, after working on this for a while, I have found the problem and its not asterisk. The problem is with a bug in busybox sendmail.

Here is what is going on:
Asterisk takes the name and email address from the mailbox line and produces a line similar to this:
TO: “Fred The Great” fred@yahoo.com

Then busybox sendmail modifies it and produces the following “RCPT TO” line:
RCPT TO:fredthegreatfred@yahoo.com

And sends the email to the wrong guy who is probably wondering why he’s getting all these strange voice mails from my asterisk box.

That’s kinda yucky.