VoiceEclipse and Asterisk@Home

I recently Subscribed to VoiceEclipse and have a few issues or questions:

  1. I cannot seem to rout incomming calls anywhere I want. It always defaults to the Incoming call method.

  2. I cannot seem to pick an outgoing Trunk - it always uses the primary to call out on.

What I need to know is: Does anyone have a sample / working Trunk setup, Inbound Rout and Outbound Rout. I would like to compare my settings with someone who uses VoiceEclipse Successfully.

For some additional Information: VoiceEclipse provides 2 Dids. I created 2 Trunks for these DID’s so I can make and receive calls. I can make calls with no problem, but they all come from the primary DID. I can receive calls but it does not utilize my Inbound Routing, it only uses the Incomming Calls Method. I have many extension and want to setup up a Digital Receptionist or Call Group for each DID.

Help Please… :smile:


Did you ever get this resolved? I am looking for the same answers

I have the same issue, any resolution?