Voice Recording Problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem related to voice records under var/spool/asteriss directory. Some recorded voice files contains robotic/rustling sound that makes the voice impossible to understand. What could be the source of the problem, how can i solve it?

Asterisk version 1.8
Intel Zeon CPU E5 2GHZ CPU

Thanks for your helps


The normal reasons for poor voice recording would be excessive network jitter. A second possibility is trying to run on a virtual machine which has not been tuned to run realtime applications.

The real solution to the network jitter problem is to fix the network, The real solution to VM problems it to on real hardware, but if you search Technet for running Lync on VMs, much of that should also be valid here.

Introducing a jitter buffer, may, however help.

I don’t know what robotic rustling sound means, so I’ve just answered for general audio quality problems.

Unfortunately, with the current Korean spamming attack (I haven’t translated it, to I don’t know if it is commercial spamming from the South or cyber warfare from the North, it may be difficult for people to find your postings.