Voice pairs from one asterisk box to another

Is there a way to take 24 voice pairs from a 66 block and interface them into a asterisk box, then transport those pairs over a network or internet connection to another asterisk box and output back to 24 pairs on a 66 block?

24 pairs == asterisk - |network| - asterisk == 24 pairs <— something like that.

Can it be done with a T1/E1 PCI card? or FXO/FXS card? Is this possible?


See the TDM2400 / AEX2400:


Wow. Thats a expensive solution, that the only way?

If you are simply extending analog sets, you could use a FXO gateway -> network(sip) -> Asterisk -> Network(sip) -> FXS gateway.

On the cheaper side, Grandstream makes a 24 port FXS box that is nothing fancy, but works pretty well for a basic analog set. (I don;t know if you have 24 simultaneous calls, because I have never needed it.) grandstream.com/index.php/pr … ys/gxw4024

They do not make a 24 port FXO device though. You could wire in 3 - 8 ports through a patch panel.
grandstream.com/index.php/pr … ys/gxw410x

Or a mix, the 24 port Digium card with FXO ports installed into the Asterisk server and the 24 port FXS gateway on the far end.

These are just examples of some devices, there are similar devices from other vendors that you may like better. I have used the Gxw4024 because it is inexpensive and works for my non-critical phones.

Why do you want to do this? Have you excluded just using T1/E1 with no intelligence?

The fact that you talked about T1/E1 cards but said that the pairs where separate analogue pairs suggests, to me, that you need to understand the basic technology more.

Looks like its not going to be easy to do, never thought it would be anyways. What im trying to do is im trying to transport a T1 type connection over IP. Instead of over a traditional T1 copper or fiber path. I was wanting to see if i could send 24 voice pairs over asterisk and come out the other side back to 24 pairs, bypassing the traditional technology of muxing down to a T1 line going to the CO, and so forth. Looks like ill have to think about this a little more and re design what i want to do. Thanks for all your guys help.