Voice packet compression for GSM Gateway

please gudie me how can we enable voice packet compression in Asterisk/Voipswitch with G729/G723 codecs baiscally i want to compress voice packets in to 8kbps how can i do this please guide me awaiting thanks.

basically I want to know if there is a ways to compress data between two asterisk servers or voipswitch. The objectif is to preserve/save as possible the bandwidth…



You cant just compress g729 or other codecs.

There are some tricks to save bandwidth, g729 is an 8kb codec, but a packet send is about 44 kb.
The extra data is overhead used for sending the data to the right endpoint.

So, if you want to save bandwith you have to find a way to lessen the overhead.

It is possible, but you would have to do some real hardcore programming.

There is one company that offers equipment to save the bandwidth, their website is getvibe.info/

Take a look at it. What they do remove the overhead and add their own micro header. Does mean that special equipment is needed at both endpoints, ie. the users and the pabx locations.

Hope this info helps you.

Good luck.