Voice Mail playback skips message payload


I support a small office that uses Asterisk and Cisco 7940 IP phones. One of the users was rearranging her desk and unplugged her phone this morning, and after reconnecting it, she has a very strange issue with her voice mail. After logging in and entering her password, the system tells her how many messages she has, but when she tries to play a message, she hears:

“Message 1 -…- Press 3 for advanced options, Press 5 to play the current message again,…” etc. The ‘-…-’ would normally be "received " but that part, the actual message payload, is skipped entirely from her message delivery.

Voice mail is working fine for other users.

I’m not sure if her unplugging the phone caused this or if it’s just a coincidental red-herring, that’s the story as I got it. I don’t know asterisk well enough make that call. I’ve tried restarting the asterisk service, as well as rebooting her phone again, to no avail.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to troubleshoot this?