Voice Mail Customization


Is it possible to have a number eg 234 . That when you dial it it will automatically connect you with users 1401 mail box using passcode of 1401. All automatically so the user doesnt relise this is happening. I am using AAH 2.8 With FreePBX.

234 -> " Mailbox 1401 -> Passcode 1401" This Part is automatic -> Mail Box Of 1401

Thanks in advanced :smiley:

not sure about trixbox, but if you were using real asterisk it would be
exten => 234,1,VoiceMailMain(1401@context,s)
the ,s makes it skip checking for a password

is that all i would need in extensions_cusom.conf



exten => 234,1,VoiceMailMain(1401@context,s) 

replace @context with the voicemail context it’s in. Might be @default. you can also leave it blank.