Vocoder sinthesys

Hi all…

I’m creating a demo chatbot integrating Asterisk with Google Dialogflow…
I would like to make it appears like we are in War games’ film (1983)…so i would like to reply to user input with Joshua voice of the film…i receive from chatbot text or audio files…
I know that vocoder is the app/codec/sinthesys voice used…is there a way to convert an audio file, more or less on the fly, to a similar robotic sound ?
Or is there a way to make a text to speech conversion like that?

You can try separate flite application for Text-To-Speech:

…the basic default configuration is very robotic IMO.

On Debian:

$ sudo apt install flite
$ echo "hello world" > helloworld.txt
$ flite helloworld.txt helloworld.wav
$ play helloworld.wav
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