VOB problems

Hi everyone,
First of all sorry for my bad English.
sorry if this is not the place for my questions

i want to ask 3 questions
i have a router with voip build in:

  1. asterisk
  2. DSP
  3. FXS

i’m registered with nokia/siemens sip server.

(1) while im talking with the phone, i hear a DialTone on the Background. like i’m pressing on one of the keys for a moment.

(2) after i disconnect the DSL cable from my router, of course the VOIP not registered as well. but when someone call to my phone number, he will get someone else for somthing like half an hour. its really annoying.

(3) sometimes when i’m trying to call some number (to my friend for example), the call not get to the destination and that because some digits does not absorbed
at the DSP. i try to change the GAIN or DTMF level… its work fine after the change (or reboot to the router) but after a day, the problem return.

  • sometimes i can make the call. for example to any IVR calling system, and then when i press ‘1’ for English or ‘2’ for russion, the IVR ignore me.

someone have any idea why those problem?
please help me :frowning:

thanks a lot!