Vmail.cgi error

i am haveing an issue with the vmail.cgi

the email is delivered

i can get to the login screen for the extension and password

and i can play the voicemail once , it auto plays when you click the initial play link …

the problems are :

  1. it doesnt seem to remember any settings and always ask for the preferences on plyback , high versus low quility or something like that

  2. and when you click the play button in the voicemail window it errors with the following error :

Software error:
Format Liar ()! at /var/www/cgi-bin/vmail.cgi line 445.

i looked at the code and the line in question looks like this :

grep(/^${format}$/, keys %formats) || die(“Format Liar ($format)!”);

any ideas ? i’m stumped

found the problem

i had changed the way the URL in vm_email.inc

for some reason it doesnt like being changed from an IP to the hostname