View zaptel channels with outbound calls


I am successfully making outbound calls via zaptel however the channels are not displaying as busy or in use when using either “zap show channels” or “zttool”. They do show as in use when receiving inbound calls however.

Should the display as in use when making outbound calls? and if not is there something else I can use to monitor which channels are currently making outbound calls?


Chris V

If you are using zaptel, you are using obsolete software. It would therefore help to know which version of the software you are using, and why you are not using a supported version.

I had no idea zaptel was obsolete! what is the preferred alternative?


If are using a version of Asterisk that supports Zaptel, that is probably also obsolete. Current Asterisk version are in the 1.8.x, 10, and 11 series.


See … -to-dahdi/