Video filtering in streaming

Hello All.

I have an Asterisk PBX running in my LAN which it has a mikrotik RB2011 and there was configured a NAT due the ISP gives me just one public IP.

I can make connection from an external network (the signaling is working fine due I open the port 5060) but the problem that I’m having is that the mikrotik is filtering the video. The softphone which is in the external network get the video streaming from the softphone which is in the LAN but not in the other way. So, making a reminder in the famous problem one way audio, I’m having one way video. :slight_smile:

By the way I’m not having one way audio. The audio is working fine. So, I can’t discovery the ports. And between 2 softphone connected in the LAN the video streaming is fine!, so the firewall or the NAT is making something.

What ports should I open? udp protocol an ports (10000-200000)?

5060 UDP+ the UDP port range you have defined in rtp.conf

I’d also recommend disabling the SIP helper on the Mikrotik. IP > Firewall > Service Ports

thanks johnkiniston. In rtp.conf I found this lines:


For what I’m seeng I must define a port ranges and not just a port. How I must configured it? Can I configured just a port for the RTP packages? How would be the configuration for just a RTP port.

If I want to use just port 10000. Can I configured


Or it’s not recomended that?

Regarding mikrotik configuration. Do you means disable this line?

name SIP ports=5060,5061 sipdirectmedia=yes

You need multiple ports, not just a single port for RTP.

Here’s a couple screenshots showing what I’m talking about for the SIP helper.

You need at least 8 ports, but in practice you want a lot more.

You have two parties to the call, each of them needs an RTP port for audio and an RTP for video. In addition, each of these four ports needs an RTCP port for quality statistics.

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