Viatalk dynamic routing

I’m using asterisk 1.4 on my wrt54g using openwrt firmware. AWESOME!!
I get everything setup and working the way I want but would like to get viatalk dynamic routing working, if one of their servers goes down with this it will kick you over to another one.

The setting I would put into a normal adapter would be

  • Proxy: (you cannot use the IP)
  • DNS SRV Auto_Prefix: Yes
  • Use DNS SRV: Yes
  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
  • Proxy Redundancy Method: Normal

How would I put this into asterisk? the proxy part I did its the rest that im confused with.

i thinking that they use those DNS servers so that the ATA can be given the alternate A record for the host should a failure happen. the only way to replicate this would be to configure your Asterisk server with the same DNS server(s).