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We’ve been experiencing an intermittent issue when calling Verizon Cell phones. When the call goes to voicemail, while the last part of the message is played, “At the tone, please leave a message, or press one for more options” the call disconnects, and asterisk plays “your call has been disconnected”

When this happens the call always disconnects before it gets to the actual tone, it disconnects at “At the tone”

The logs have been examined but nothing has been found.

We would be very interested in knowing if this has happened to others, and if so if anyone has resolved this.

We’ve experienced this with multiple installations, and diferrent ISP’s.

We’re about to do packet captures and see if we shed more light.

Thanks for reading

dahdi (analogue, channel associated, common channel), SIP, IAX, H.323?

If you turn up the logging appropriately, Asterisk will tell you why it disconnected (although that may be because the upstream system told it to do so).

its SIP
I have full logging and debuging on,

what I get is “no one is available…” and the the call does a hangup.

It’s totally intermittent

That is a secondary symptom. There will be a primary reason for the failure somewhat further up. Even then you missed out which of the numbers were non-zero, which is useful information.

Also if you really had full debugging on (you may need to enable debug level to a file, and look at a file) you would have had even more information about the problem.

For sip problems you specifically need to use the sip set debug on command.

thanks for the responses.
I’ve turned on SIP debugging, now to try to get it to fail again!!