Verifying jabber.conf for GV

I am trying to configure Asterisk 1.8 to work with Google Voice. This involves configuring jabber.conf, which establishes the connection to the GV. I would like to be able to run CLI tests to verify that jabber.conf is correctly configured to connect to GV. CLI suggestions and examples would be appreciated (I was unsuccessful Googling this).

My jabber.conf prototype:

[quote];;Minimum Jabber Configuration … ing+Google
; ============================

statusmessage="I am an Asterisk Server"

I have restarted the * service, and looked at a buddy’s gmail interface to see if the statusmessage was updated. No joy.

Actionable and constructive comments are highly appreciated. TAG: [GV-OPT]

Ok, so after additional additional reading reading, I understand that it is necesary to have the module res_jabber installed.

I had to install iksemel for my Optware system and recorded the installation log at /opt/etc/asterisk/iksemel.log. I also had to mod my modules.conf file. They stock modules.conf file blocked loading of

athomehost*CLI> module show like res
Module Description Use Count
res_adsi ADSI Resource 0 AJI - Asterisk Jabber Interface 0 Cryptographic Digital Signatures 0 Music On Hold Resource 0 Asterisk RTP Stack 0
5 modules loaded

Checked a Gmail buddy list and observed expected status msg: I am an asterisk server…

Is this the verification step above a comprehensive (complete) validation for jabber.conf?

Bueller? Bueller?