Verbose level on logger.conf


in logger.conf info there is something that I don’t understand

; Note that there is no value in specifying both “" and specific level names
; for a filename; the "
” level means all levels. The only exception is if
; you need to specify a specific verbose level. e.g, “verbose(3),*”.

Why you can specify a level with the all levels wildcard? * includes verbose(3), isn’t it?

By other hand, I don’t know if it is a bug (asterisk-certified-13.8-cert2) or I don’t understand something in rotate strategy

; rotate: Rotate all the old files, such that the oldest has the
; highest sequence number [this is the expected behavior
; for Unix administrators]. When exec_after_rotate is
; set, ${filename} will specify the original root filename.

; Run a system command after rotating the files. This is mainly
; useful for rotatestrategy=rotate. The example allows the last
; two archive files to remain uncompressed, but after that point,
; they are compressed on disk.
exec_after_rotate=gzip -9 ${filename}.2

${filename} it’s not using the original file name, it uses the originalName.0, then you cannot use the .2

Thanks and regards