Vegastream Vega 100 Help

A bit off topic, but weve just bought a 2nd user Vegastream Vega 100 off ebay to use in SIP mode and the firmware is only H323. Wed like to use SIP… Does anyone out there have a copy of the firmware for SIP? Its no longer on vegastreams site…

Many many thanks!


I have some SIP code for Vega 100’s
However can you confirm the colour of the box.

As I only have code for the brown box version

Also are you sure it’s only H323, normally if you check the boot partition there is a SIP and H323 code which you can switch to.


this is the right version… For some reason it has some old beta version of H323 on the 2nd partition… Very helpful!

Would be very grateful for code!



Ok but just to confirm you do have a brown version of the box not a Blue version? Because the code I have will only run on the Brown version.

code is zipped and not to large do you want to email it over
Send me an email to and I’ll send it over