Variable Question

Hello all,

I’ve not used Asterisk in a while have and just got back into it. I’m running 1.6 on CentOS5 and only have SIP trunks. So hopefully a straight forward system. I’m also having fun playing with Misterhouse and X10 stuff, although the wife doesn’t understand it all and can’t see why I get so excited about a light turning on. Ah well women for you. :smile:

I’m now looking at intergrating Asterisk with Misterhouse and have done a little research online to find that loads of people have done various bits and bob’s but not in the way I want to.

What I’m looking to do is setup a section in my dial plan to allow me to switch on and off a few off my lights. Rather then just setting up an extension for each option / light I thought it would be better to use variables and therefore keep my coding efficent.

1, How do I pickup the caller id and place it into a variable for late use?

2, Is there a way of holding a list of phone numbers, so that I can look them up against the caller id?
Thanks in advance

1 - set(number=${CALLERID(num)})
2. you could put a short list in the Asterisk DB; for a longer list you would want to use MYSQL (yuck!)