Value T in cdr

Hello, I am getting a cdr-csv output that does not understand, can you help me?

In the destination field I got the value “t” in some cases, and I do not know what is the meaning of this.

I paste a line of the cdr.

Thank you!!!

V****_****a,“506”,“t”,“dosarcos”,""“Recepcion3"” <506>",“SIP/recepcion3-09ba8938”,“mISDN/1-u3210”,“Authenticate”,"/etc/asterisk/passwd_code.txt|am",“2008-01-21 14:01:01”,“2008-01-21 14:01:01”,“2008-01-21 14:01:27”,26,26,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”

T could be the timeout extension, the call goes to this extension when a timeout happens, for example when the caller should enter a password and he don’t input nothing; check in extensions.conf, go to the context of the call and verify it it’s there.


Marco Bruni