Valiant or Orion Telecom channel banks with Asterisk?

Does anyone have any experience with Valiant or Orion Channel banks? I have a Switchvox PBX that I am trying to connect to one these CB’s (via Digium TE110P) to support some analog phones. I think the problem I am having revolves around the signalling between the pbx and cb but not sure. I cannot call any extensions on the cb. When I do, the call gets parked and eventually routed to VM. On the phones connected to the cb, i cant even get a dial tone. Just an open connection where I can speak into the phone and hear myself on the handset. (Heck, after a week of this, its not even speech anymore. More like a combo of whistling and whale calls). Config on the cb is straightforward so I dont think I goofed it, which leads me to a signalling problem perhaps.

The Switchvox gui is fairly friendly and has lessened some of the difficulty of this learning curve (Im new at this) but a lot of the diagnostics is hidden from you as well. (pbx has ssh port open but Switchvox hides the key).
Any input appreciated.


i also want to know if valiat/orion channel bank can be connected to digium via E1.

I have found out that the Valiant/Orion channel banks use CAS R2 (ITU-T Q.421) signaling. Asterisk apparently only has native support for CAS (R1 presumably). R1=North America, R2=Europe, everywhere else.
There is an add-on library(s) called mfc/r2 by Steve Underwood at that looks promising. It adds CAS R2 support to your pbx.

Since I am using Switchvox, I am vendor-locked. In the process of ‘compelling’ them to look into this for me and integrate.

Hopefully others can use this to help themselves. I cant be the only one using E1.