Can anybody tell me whether asterisk supports VAD (voice activity detection) and CNG (comfort noise generation) for all the codec available in asterisk?
If not, any idea if there is already some work going on for VAD and CNG support and by what time frame will the features will be available?

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No, it doesn’t.

There is no work going on on these fronts currently at Digium. Anyone else want to chime in?

VAD is not possible for most of the codecs supported. That’s a limitation of those codecs.

I believe it is supported for speex.

I believe it is still advisable to disable CNG at source. If any open source work is being done, it should be evident from the issue tracker or the reviewboard. You’ve already heard the official Digium position.

I would expect any CNG to be implemented according to RFC 3389, and therefore out of band with respect to the codecs.