:?: v1.8.8 howto clear previously registered endpoints

Hi All,
I have been doing some testing using the 1.8 version as I would like to get off my aging (but stable) 1.4 version.

I have come across a number of issues that are already been reported so I will await the outcome of these bugs.
However a strange situation which I have never noticed in previous version (else I would have raised a bug by now).
I started up my virtual asterisk server with 1.8.8 installed and noticed that I had three IP phones already registered. This was really interesting as I had started it up on a new IP address from what it had last time it was used and knew only my test phone would be looking to use the new asterisk server.

What was really interesting is that two of the AoRs registered were on a device that no longer has the IP address indicated in sip show peers and had been removed off the address a week ago.

It would seem asterisk remembers what it had registered last time it was used… this sounds really dangerous for a state aware system. I now have waited for around 20 minutes and they are still showing as registered. Does anyone have any idea how to forcibly remove them?

After I came back from eating my dinner, they had finally disappeared, can someone advise if this remembering is expected behavior or a result of a bug?


Expected behavior as Asterisk is reloading the AstDB when it starts up anew.