* v 1.2.19, FreePBX, no CID-prefix in ringgroups


One of my clients is using asterisk as its pbx together with FreePBX and a Beronet BN4S0 Bri-card. I have used Bristuff due to stability and noise conditions while testing mISDN.

The inbound situation is this (in order of use):

  • Timecondition (day/night)
  • Ringgroup (Ringtone for 10 seconds)
  • Queue
  • 2 SIP Phones

After upgrading asterisk last weekend from 1.2.10 to 1.2.19 (bristuffed), I do not get the CID-prefix anymore in the ringgroups, when a caller has no CID (CID is hidden).
After passing the ringgroups, the calls are droped to queues (my client wants a ringtone before the music starts to play), where the Prefixes set there, are shown fine. I Upgraded FreePBX as well without success.

With v. 1.2.10 it worked fine. Has anybody an idea how to fix that? I dont want to go back to 1.2.10 (for security reasons).

Plz help!

Regards Carsten