Using two IAX phones on the same desktop

Hi! this is possible a stupid question, but I have been playing around with Asterisk, and have been trying to run two IAX softphones (idefisk & iaxcomm) at the same time (on the same desktop). However, it seems to be “first person to the mill”, if iaxcomm is running, then idefisk won’t connect to asterisk, and the other way around. Is it just simply not possible to run two phones at the same time, or is there something i am doing wrong?


Use a different port no for the second IAX softphone.

You would by any chance know any iax softphones (or know how) to change the port? I haven’t found anything in the configuration for idefisk or Iaxcomm


SJ phone ( has an option to change the port number. In any given profile there is a tab (SIP proxy) which has the port option in it.

Hope this helps.

How long have SJlabs been making IAX softphones :wink: