Using Softphones, will lower server cpu processing overhead?


Will there be any kind of benefits in terms of Asterisk server cpu cost when using softphone opposed to using another type of phone? I suspect this, since coding/decoding is done on the pc on which the softphone is installed and not on the asterisk server. Is this correct?

Yes, I think so; using a softphone on a pc, or a sip/iax2 “hardphone” or an external sip to fxs gateway lower the * server cpu usage, this usage will be higher if there is a pci fxs card in the server to connect analog phones.



If you mean a softphone compared to a sip hardphone, Then no you are not correct, It will make no difference. Compared to a Zap phone, it may make a little difference.

But TBH a sofphone is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to quality