Using scripts from telnet

I was informed from a friend that there is a way through windows telnet sessions to create calls in asterisk. Apparently it is a series of around 12 commands to do such. I am a newer user of asterisk, and was wondering if there is any validity to this, and if so how would one do it?

I’d like to know how you can open a Windows telnet session!!!

I know, I can understand SSH but not telnet, even so, can it be done with SSH.

yes it is correct, he is talking about the manager interface (search the wiki for it). It’s mainly designed for other applications to interface with * but you can use it manually to some degree.

As for telnet in windows, do start-run and type
telnet hostnameorip port
and hit enter.

If you like working from a shell, do start-run and type
and hit enter. You get a dos prompt.