Using Goto to handle toll-free numbers and sending them to a local number

Hello there!

I created an IVR along with a local North American number that goes to it. I am adding a toll-free number and would like it to connect to the IVR extension as follows:

; extensions.conf
exten => _<local number>,1,Verbose(1,"Call IVR")
 same => n,Answer()
{remainder of IVR goes here}
; end of IVR

exten => _<toll-free number>,1,Verbose(1,"Connect to IVR")
 same => n,Goto(<local number>,1)

This is where my confusion comes in: when a caller dials into the toll-free number and Asterisk goes to the local extension, would the caller be charged long-distance for that? Would this cause my SIP provider to charge me double (for the toll-free usage and for the local number usage)? I’m obviously new to SIP and Asterisk, so I don’t want to make any assumptions on how it all works.

Thanks in advance for any help!

They will be charged the same as if you repeated the IVR, in full, under the toll free number.

By the way, why are you using the _ syntax with no wild cards in the number?

Goto does not create any new call legs.

Thank you!

As for the underscore usage, that was an oversight on my part. The numbers continued to work when dialed, so I never noticed them/needed to remove them. I’ll take them out now, but is there any particular harm in leaving them in?