Using Gateways on delegation. Is posible to avoid traffic?


I am playing to intall an Asterisk Server on my central, for aroun 200 user. Then, I have severall small delegations, worldwide, that would hv a cisco gateway that already has a BRI connection. Everything connected using private VPN

I want, when somebody connects to one of the delegation, the call being forwarded to the central support point, where there would a small call center (everything routers to the central Asterisk Server). However, very frequently, recepcionit at central will “return” back the call to the delegation, so it can be attended locally.

My question is: It is possible to do i on a way that the RTP flow o the call is not using the vpn connection ? I meant… could the call, after the initial answer of the recepcionist, keep beig local, intead using VPN traffic ? it is a can canreinvite=yes/no on Asterisk enough to get that resuls ? Any option to avoid also the sip flow control / traffic ?


You would need to not be behind NAT. I am not to familiar with VPN’s but I would assume that if the call would still go through the VPN since that is how the call was initiated (how would it know to send the RTP traffic not through the VPN ?).