Using database realtime in pjsip

Hello guys.
Using chan_sip I use the sip_buddies table for realtime of the branches.
Now using chan_pjsip which equivalent table do I use?

There is a wiki page[1].


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Sorry it’s still not clear to me.
In this case I use ps_endpoints instead of sip_buddies?

The ps_endpoints table is what stores PJSIP endpoints.

I’m working on a legacy system migration where it’s chan_sip. Where I will change to chan_pjsip. My question is sip_buddies table will be discontinued? Which table will I use to register the new extensions?

Nothing related to realtime carries over from chan_sip to chan_pjsip. Completely separate tables, which the linked wiki page provides instructions on how to use Alembic to create them. There are multiple tables for different purposes.

A table called sippeers is generated in Alembic, I believe this would be the ipbx internal extensions registration table, can you confirm that?

That’s a chan_sip table. I don’t remember much of that stuff.

If you don’t understand the fundamentals of the PJSIP configuration, then you’re likely to be confused because there’s so many and thus so many tables. The wiki has a page[1] describing the various things and how they relate.


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