Using Dahdi tools

I installed dahdi-linux and dahdi-dkms and dahdi tools in ubuntu 9.10 but when enter “fxstest /dev/dahdi/1ring” command, terminal give error : Usage: fxstest …
but when enter “fxstest <my custom device’s name> ring” the terminal give another error “Unable to open <device’s name>: No such file or directory”

what is the problem ? what is the path that this command search to find the driver ?
I installed dahdi from synaptic package manager and don’t done make menuselect to config dahdi tools to activate fxstest, how can I activate it after installation?

why this forum is inactive for dahdi-related questions ??? I don’t find any answer to my questions about dahdi also the asterisk support team don’t give any answer.


The forum should be inactive for all dahdi related questions, as it is a forum for discussions, not for obtaining support. There are some dahdi questions on the support forum, but many are probably covered by the vendor of the hardware, rather than peer support.

I think that Dahdi is the main part of asterisk and have related drivers. yes, this forum is for discussion but usually when no body know answer of questions, the support team of companies take answer to questions. I sent message to support team of asterisk but they don’t give any help to me and recommend me to ask my questions in other support ways. I will be happy if any body help me if know answers to my questions.
Please note that I’m trying to install and test my custom hardware board and driver under dahdi and asterisk and don’t have commercial support.

The Asterisk Support forum is for peer support. This forum is for discussion, although it has many more off topic postings than on topic ones.

Most people asking questions about Asterisk are using SIP, which, at most, only needs dahdi for timing support, and nowadays doesn’t need dahdi at all.

If you are installing your own custom hardware, you should be reading the source code to get the answer to the question, or asking on the developer IRC channel or mailing list.

Digium, the business, is not going to use their resources to support competing hardware products, which is probably why you got redirected to community supported resources.

I feel that the main part of Asterisk is SIP. In modern days DAHDI is hardly used. Using gateways for legacy telephone links bring many good points. I personally never used DAHDI and I think that this will not change in the future.

Digium support is for Digium hardware. As simple as that. You can’t expect to develop your own board and have Digium help you with that. If you want commercial grade support, buy a Digium board.