Using Asterisk with At&t service


We are running Asterisk with Elastix 2.3.0. We want to begin using At&t for our VoIP service provider and they said that we can use SIP- since we do not use a PRI card- but the only supported version that they have listed is Asterisk 1.4.15 (Open Source).

Does anyone know if our version will be backwards compatible with their technology? They are not able to answer this since our version is not on their list.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Each major version has introduced some changes. The short answer is that it’ll probably work just fine.

Behind that though, know that Asterisk 1.4 was long-ago EOL’d. To see more information about current versions of Asterisk, please visit - … k+Versions

That’s why we didn’t go with AT&T. For the most part SIP is SIP, like HTML is HTML. When you get Internet service they dont ask what browser your going to run to make sure it’s HTML complaint. To make matters worse your not going to not get service if their account rep replies says here our internet only supports a version of Firefox from 2005. I agree it will probably work but your going to hear this same line every time you want any support from them for any issue that comes up, "oh we’ll the problem is clearly your unsupported ‘open source’ thing you Linux freaks run. Use them if you have to but or have compelling need but they aren’t exactly the fastest to adopt and accept.

HTML and browsers is a bad example. Many sites refuse all but a small selection of browsers. Often not because they are non-compliant but because they don’t behave in s specific way that is not mandated by the standards.

Thanks for the feedback. AT&T has now sent us a SIP compliance form with highly technical questions, that probably only an Asterisk Tech would be able to understand. How would someone go about working with Asterisk to get this completed? Is there any support lines or representatives we can get in contact with?