Using asterisk for logging a VoIP installation


I´m an installer of Linksys products. Linksys is distribuiting this days Spipura VoIP products, so I have made some installations of VoIP using sipura hard. Here in Spain ADSL is somehow slow (1MB/384kb is what almos 90% of the puplation has), so, I´m having some problems with the quality of service, I mean, sometimes I got echoes, delays, etc… I would like to know if asterisk can be used to monitor this kind of things (substituting it by the spa9000 we´re installing) giving us information about things like: Line capacity is full (the 384 upload is totally used), packets are being lost (echos, etc…).

I built asterisk last day and I´m wainting for your opinions to start deploying it at costumers to try to detect why the problems above are produced.

By the way, is it posible to use a SPA3000 with asterisk? (VoIP to PSTN coverter).

Thanks in advance,