Using Asterisk box as an alarm reciver?


Im new at Astersisk, I have tried it, get it up and running and I can make calls and stuff like that, so that works. But my question is this, can I use Asterisk as an alarm reciver from alarm sender? My idea is that instead of having expensive alarm recivers I might hook up a Asterisk box to a phone line that recives alarms from some kind of alarm senders. For instance if there is a burgler alarm in a house, the alarm sender then calls a phone number that this Asterisk box is connected to, so that the Asterisk box is acting as the alarm reciver take the alarm and then sends it to another computer maybe which then deals with the alarm in a proper way. The protocol I was thinking of might be SIA, Robofon, Connect ID or something like that?

I just wanna know if this is something that can be achived, or should I try some other kind of solution.


Ok, so I have now gathered some more info about this and I understand that this is possible, but right now its only Connact ID that works, and still this is not recommended to use. So if I want other alarm protocolls, like Robofon, is it easy to program them into asterisk, or is this a very hard thing to do?