User status and BLF Limitation

I know that prior to release of firmware 1_4_0_0 for Digium phones there use to be a hard limit of 40 built into the firmware for presence and device subscriptions. I have been running firmware 2_9_10 on Digium D60 phones for the last year and all was fine running subscriptions up to 100. I now have additional subscriptions which takes me up to 161 subscriptions, but for some reason I can only see subscriptions for 151 in my contacts. Setting contacts_max_subscriptions=200 does not help, each time the subscriptions stop at 151. I have even tried a high number such as 900.

Is there still a limit hard coded into the firmware?

If I reduce the subscriptions down to 150 the ones which do not show a status will show correctly so I know its not an issue with the blf, contacts, subscribe set-up.

I am struggling to understand what it is causing the limit to stop.

Adding a bit more info.

I have a contact list in .xml format which has over 150 contacts in it. Some have subscriptions to endpoints, some are just a pointer to an extension number so have no subscription. Within the phones contact list, I can see all entries and the phone status for those that have a subscription. If I have my contacts_max_subscriptions set to 200, then the issue of not having a status happens from the 152nd contact in the phones contact list. (let say this contact is Bill Test)

Now, Bill Test contact, could actually be the first contact in the .xml, so based on the fact contacts_max_subscription should read the contacts.xml from top to bottom, it made no sense how the contact at the top does not show status. I modified the contacts_max_subscription to 150, so it was less than the amount of contacts which can show status and now it seems to read the contacts from top to bottom and Bill Test, which is still the 152nd contact on the phone shows his status, however the last few contacts in the contacts.xml do not show status, which is expected as I limited the subscriptions to 150 so anything after 150 will not report status to that phone when reading contacts top to bottom.

If I set contacts_max_subscriptions back to 200 then Bill Test will not show status again, but contacts at the bottom of the .xml will.

I tried to work out why Bill Test would be the one who does not show status and I think it is to d owith the order of core show hints. When running this, Bill test is one of the last entries and anything preceeding this also does not show status on the phone.

So again, not sure if the limitation lies with the digium phone or if it lies with PJSIP?

PJSIP doesn’t care and has no explicit limits. You would need to contact Sangoma technical support for further phone details, as that is a commercial product.

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