User state changes being pushed to console

I have inherited this in my duties at my company. We have 17 asterisk servers and this one is constantly sending these lines into the console session. We are using standard SIP phones by Aastra at this location so we dont need to be “pushing” state changes.

You could remove the “hint” priorities in your dialplan. The messages are related to SUBSCRIBE messages in chan_sip. In case there’s a problem with chan_sip you could try the PJSIP stack.

To me it looks like its Notifying the end users instead of just allowing them to subscribe. Is it possible that I am just seeing the messages that normally are hidden on the console session?

What happens if you set the verbosity to zero?

The state changes still appear on the console.

That is the default behavior, when there is a subscription, will result in state change notifications being sent to the subscriber. Don’t know if these messages are under the category of notice or warning, but you can try disabling some of these category on the logger.conf file, but other messages will be taken away too

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