User from Pakistan are unable to connect to my asterisk Ser

I am located in Toronto and running asterisk server in Toronto
for some reason none of my user from Pakistan are able to connect to my server from Pakistan.People from US .Kuwait,Saudia Arabia are able to connect.

My Server is Running Asterisk 1.6 running on 5060 port

Any advise will help

Thx Farhan

At least Dubai blocks SIP. I don’t know about Pakistan, but they could also block SIP.
Solution - VPN and SIP over VPN or you can try using IAX - some voip phones could use IAX.

Thanks for the reply Bira_more, Any recommendation for Sip over vpn

We did vpn over ssh using instructions like provided here:
And over that vpn we did communication between 2 asterisks, and to each of them there were SIP phones connected.
Some SIP phones have vpn clients. You should do only server part on US side, and if you use such phones - then it will be easier.
Or - you will need special server in Pakistan to make vpn.
Be aware - in Dubai this was prohibited by law (we did our sip over vpn in other country).

Just change your SIP port number. I am also living in Toronto. You can call me for Asterisk related issues.

Thanks Adeel will definitly contact you but for now I screwed up my server as soon as it is fixed I will contact you,
btw I am located in Markham where abouts you are

i also faced the same problem so i change the sip port from 5060 and running ok

I am located in Mississauaga. I am here for a visit and I will be back after two weeks.