Use Lync as a softphone


I would like to know if we can use Lync from Microsoft as a softphone with Asterisk.

I already trunk my Lync server and Asterisk Server. I can reach both world


On Asterisk
User 10 : 100
User 11 : 101

On Lync
User 20 : 200
User 21 : 201

All users can communicate between them. But What I would like to do is to affect to my user using lync, asterisk number and not a new number. Do ou think it’s possible to manage users directly from Asterisk ?

If you using both worl in your compagny please share your experience.

Thank you for your time,

Did you take a look for to simplync ? Check, there is a plugin that allows lync/skype clients to register directly with your Asterisk server. That way the configuration is trivial, and you can even use advanced funtions (ie, queues login) directly from the lync interface…

Another adventage is that you do not need to pay for Enterprise Voice CAL Licence, since you connect directly to Asterisk from the plugin…