Urgent helps Trouble With my PCI Radio Cards

I have installed AtseriskNow and i got no problem when i use Dogium TDM cards both FXO and FXS cards. Then i plug PCI Radio Cards ( Jim Dixon Cards) into my PC,do the reboot and i had KERNEL PANIC message. I removed the PCI Radio cards and everything runs normally. any body know how to fix the problem?? :question:

There isn’t enough information here to offer anything helpful. What I can say is that I personally haven’t seen any of the radio cards / modules and so have had no way to regression test on any of them with changes made to the drivers since the switch from Zaptel to DAHDI.

Is it possible for you to open a case on issues.asterisk.org/jira under the DAHDI project with the information about the radio cards and any screen shot of the kernel panic?

Contacting Jim Dixon directly probably isn’t a bad idea either, as he’s the provider of those cards…