URA Caller


I’m trying to create an URA (in extensions.conf) to ask for a number from the user and dial this number (could be a SIP or IAX2 call), exemples:

  • The number “2001” calls the local 2001 SIP terminal; and,
  • The number “04610602002” cals the 2002 SIP terminal from other city via IAX2.

This calls can be done directly by an local SIP terminal, but I want that calls from PSTN to be answered by this URA, and then the PSTN terminal can enter the number just like a SIP terminal.

Thanks for your help,

What does “URA” mean. From the context, it looks like an automated attendant.

Also, at the moment, your specification looks sufficiently extensive that it should be directed to the jobs forum, with an expectation of having to pay for the development work.


I’m very new here.

sorry by the URA, I meant IVR (Interactive voice response). I think there is an easy simple solution for this, but I can’t find anyone who did something like this on the internet.

It is an automated attendant wich does:

  • Prompt the user for a number;
  • Dial this number (only it must dial IAX2 or SIP calls according to the dial plan configurations)

Can you help me david55 ? I’ll be very gratefull.