Upgrading from ANOW202 to ANOW612 using Bulk Ext/DID

It seems there is no supported way to upgrade a system from AsteriskNOW 2.0.2 to the latest stable AsteriskNOW except manually, one-by-one, and Bulk Extensions / DIDs.

I’ve imported extensions and DIDs using the buik tools and that works pretty well, but that still leaves a huge amount of work to do to import everything else (queues, IVRs, etc. etc. etc. seemingly ad infinitum). This is a pro bono project done in my spare time for a statewide public service non-profit organization, and the “in my spare time” part means it’ll take weeks to get it all done.

Is there any (Any, ANY) way to streamline this process just a bit? Any other bulk import tools that work with things like queues and IVRS and other stuff? Any tutorials online that show how to do it with things like MySQL Workbench or phpMyAdmin, directly on the ANOW database?



There is no way to do it?