Upgrading from to 1.2.14 breaks my AGI app

after upgrading from to 1.2.14, my venerable dialparties.agi application (originating from an ancient FreePBX installation) doesn’t work anymore. Returning to, it works again.
Is there some fundamental AGI behaviour introduced with 1.2.14?



A little more information than ‘does’nt work’ would be very helpful.
To get the AGI output, get the first terminal (with asterisk -cvvvvvvvv), then see where it breaks. Also, what commands are you using in your AGI, maybe the syntax of a command changed (cant think of anything right now)

Sorry for poor info but AGI script dies and I was not able to debug anything of useful. I tried to insert ‘debug’ statement on alternate rows but it dies at a point where there is nothing of particular:
my $exthascfb = (length($extcfb) > 0) ? 1 : 0;
But I think that I’m missing the point… I think there is some difference in global variables treatment or priority jumping (script exits with priority 10 if the extension is available).