Upgrade from AAH 1.1 to 2.2 then new server


How do I or how is it recommended I migrate my AAH 1.1 (updated both CentOS 3.6 and to Asterisk 1.2.1) to a new server running AAH 2.2 (with CentOS 4.2 and Asterisk 1.2.1)? After an hour of tweaking, I had the updated production system running normally (needed to noload a few items in modules.conf). Basically, I want to put it on better hardware for peace of mind and better performance.

I’ve installed AAH 2.2 in a VM and tried restoring the production system on top, but it doesn’t seem to be complete. It seems the Extensions in AMP disappear, but still work, and music on hold gets whacked (although I know how to fix that now). I’m sure there are other things not appearing or functioning correctly, but I figure asking experts how to do it would best. I’m a noob with Linux, but learning and liking it fast.

I’ve hardly had anything to do with A@H at all, but from what i understand, part of its configuration is done dynamically. If you want to dispense with A@H, you’re probably going to have to create the configuration files yourself. There may be a way to dump the configuration to files though, i don’t know.