Upgrade! Can I test 1.4 along with prev. installed versions?

I have successfully running asterisk installations v1.0 and v1.2 and I want to upgrade them to v1.4.
Can I test 1.4 along with previous versions on the same box?
I know that many changes happened, so I want to tune dialplans and other modules without downtime.
Downtime is my primary concern.

unless you are running a VM I don’t think you can run more than one version of asterisk on the same machine. Also there have been some changes to certain dial plan commands. I would get a second box, copy over the configs, run some tests and see what happens.

… but alas VM is not an option for a full running asterisk box with cards and staff.

This implies significant downtime.

Downtime can be minimized by testing on a spare box, or even just a spare hard drive.

Do you have any experience about it?

  1. On second box installation, I need to stop the system for a long time changing digital or analog cards, and when a problem occurs changing them back and 2) on a spare drive I need another Linux installation, so this is a significant amount of time too.
    If I could install it as another service then the downtime would be minimized.
    What do you do on similar situations like a hospital or government office?

please help!

Is simultaneously execution of asterisk versions possible or not?
Dovid said NO only with VM
batrams said NO
I think YES, but I don’t know the way that can be accomplished.
Please help! Give me a tip or a how-to.

Purchase redundant digital and analog cards and build a second system for testing.

If your so worried about downtime, you should have extra cards anyway. What happens if that analog card you have blows? Do you wait for a supplier to ship one to you?

I dont see how running two version of Asterisk would work on the same machine. They would both be fighting for the same resources and hardware. Even if it did work, I see it causing a hell of a lot more problems.

No one should run any type of hardware in a mission critical application were downtime is not an option, without redundant equipment.

Thats just my .02 cents.

I guess you could try to just install asterisk 1.4 with a different install path and see what happens, but my money says you blow up your box.