Upgrade Asterisk to Asterisk Certificate


I have installed Asterisk

there is a way to upgrade my asterisk to asterisk certificate without having to install one again?

Asterisk Certificate?

Do you mean the certified branch of Asterisk 1.8?


I have installed asterisk 1.8.12 which is not certified, now I want to upgrade to asterisk certified to install the module for phones DPMA Digium.

DPMA can be installed in no certified asterisk or asterisk for upgrades to certificate?

The DPMA only operates with the -cert branch of Asterisk 1.8, e.g:

downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telep … -asterisk/

or the -digiumphones branch of Asterisk 10, e.g.:

downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telep … ent.tar.gz

and what would be the steps to upgrade my asterisk to an asterisk certificate?

could you guide me?

thank you very much.


How did you download Asterisk in the first place?

Do what you did before, but use the -cert tarball instead.