Upgrade 1.8.7 to 10.x

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How to upgrade 1.8.7 to 10.x?
I didnot find the article

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See UPGRADE.txt in the source tarball.

From 1.8 to 10:


  • This module now expects an ‘extra’ column in the database for data added
    using the CELGenUserEvent() application.


  • ConfBridge’s dialplan arguments have changed and are not
    backwards compatible.

File Interpreters

  • The format interpreter formats/format_sln16.c for the file extension
    ’.sln16’ has been removed. The ‘.sln16’ file interpreter now exists
    in the formats/format_sln.c module along with new support for sln12,
    sln24, sln32, sln44, sln48, sln96, and sln192 file extensions.


  • A bindaddr must be specified in order for the HTTP server
    to run. Previous versions would default to if no
    bindaddr was specified.


  • The default value for ‘context’ and ‘parkinglots’ in gtalk.conf has
    been changed to ‘default’, previously they were empty.


  • The mohinterpret=passthrough setting is deprecated in favor of
  • Execution no longer continues after applications that do dialplan jumps
    (such as app.goto). Now when an application such as app.goto() is called,
    control is returned back to the pbx engine and the current extension
    function stops executing.
  • the autoservice now defaults to being on by default
  • autoservice_start() and autoservice_start() no longer return a value.


  • Mark QUEUE_MEMBER_PENALTY Deprecated it never worked for realtime members
  • QUEUE_MEMBER is now R/W supporting setting paused, ignorebusy and penalty.

Asterisk Database:

  • The internal Asterisk database has been switched from Berkeley DB 1.86 to
    SQLite 3. An existing Berkeley astdb file can be converted with the astdb2sqlite3
    utility in the UTILS section of menuselect. If an existing astdb is found and no
    astdb.sqlite3 exists, astdb2sqlite3 will be compiled automatically. Asterisk will
    convert an existing astdb to the SQLite3 version automatically at runtime. If
    moving back from Asterisk 10 to Asterisk 1.8, the astdb2bdb utility can be used
    to create a Berkeley DB copy of the SQLite3 astdb that Asterisk 10 uses.


  • The AMI protocol version was incremented to 1.2 as a result of changing two
    instances of the Unlink event to Bridge events. This change was documented
    as part of the AMI 1.1 update, but two Unlink events were inadvertently left

Module Support Level

  • All modules in the addons, apps, bridge, cdr, cel, channels, codecs,
    formats, funcs, pbx, and res have been updated to include MODULEINFO data
    that includes <support_level> tags with a value of core, extended, or deprecated.
    More information is available on the Asterisk wiki at
    wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … ort+States

    Deprecated modules are now marked to not build by default and must be explicitly
    enabled in menuselect.

  • Setting of HASH(SIP_CAUSE,) on channels is now disabled
    by default. It can be enabled using the ‘storesipcause’ option. This feature
    has a significant performance penalty.


  • The default UDPTL port range in udptl.conf.sample differed from the defaults
    in the source. If you didn’t have a config file, you got 4500 to 4599. Now the
    default is 4000 to 4999.