Updating Asterisk Business Edition

We bought * Business Edition back in December of 2006. We installed it and deployed it… and are now operational (with only a few small bugs to work out). Is there any compelling reason to upgrade the install from the provided CD? We are on a private network with no Internet access for the * server. There have been discussions about better zaptel reliability etc.

We do reboot about every 10 business days due to a small issue we are still trying to resolve. Every once in a while this problem comes up… forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php?t=14807 we are still not sure if its * or the phones…

Do I fix what does not appear to be badly broke?

If it is advisable to stay updated is there a doc that will guide you through the process?


Updating is as simple as just using “rpm -Uvh …” if running it on redhat/fedora. What version of ABE do you currently have? There were new releases for the sip security issues but if you don’t have it opened to the outside then it would be fine.

Rpath is the os that comes with the * Business Edition 1.2 that we bought. I was not sure if just doing a conary update all would work…

What version of Asterisk?

I will check the version tonight when I get back to the office…