Unwanted inclusion in dialplan which I can't find

I have recently recompiled a previously working asterisk configuration using pjsip. Now, my version is 14.6.0.

At the top of my dialplan is the following which I can’t find or get rid of. It is not in my extensions.conf

asterisk*CLI> dialplan show
[ Context ‘func_periodic_hook_context’ created by ‘func_periodic_hook’ ]
‘beep’ (CID match ‘’) => 1. Answer() [func_periodic_hook]
2. Playback(beep) [func_periodic_hook]
‘hook’ (CID match ‘’) => 1. Set(EncodedChannel=${CUT(HOOK_CHANNEL,-,1-2)}) [func_periodic_hook]
2. Set(GROUP_NAME=${EncodedChannel}${HOOK_ID}) [func_periodic_hook]
3. Set(GROUP(periodic-hook)=${GROUP_NAME}) [func_periodic_hook]
4. ExecIf($[${GROUP_COUNT(${GROUP_NAME}@periodic-hook)} > 1]?Hangup()) [func_periodic_hook]
5. Set(ChannelToSpy=${URIDECODE(${EncodedChannel})}) [func_periodic_hook]
6. ChanSpy(${ChannelToSpy},qEB) [func_periodic_hook]

That dialplan logic comes from the func_periodic_hook module. It is used by it. If you don’t load that module the dialplan won’t be added.

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Thank you, I will exclude it in modules.conf