Unlocking 7960 config

I am having a devil of a time with this phone. All issues better be due to my ignorance than firmware…

I bought a brand new 7960 that had MGCP firmware ( for CCM ). I succesfully upgraded to SIP 8.2 and now have the option to “unlock config” at #9.

However, it now asks me for a password. I tried pretty much everything I could think of but I don’t even know if I’m writing ‘cisco’ in there. The admin guide says “press the key once for a, several times to scroll through the available letters/numbers”. Well that just doesn’t happen for me. If I press the key twice, two stars will appear!

Please help a newbie…show me how to enter “cisco” properly in there.

Note: I also hard-resetted the phone to make sure it comes back to default password ( used the # & 123456789*0# procedure )

Hello there,
I am trying to upgrade my 7960 and 7940 to use SIP. I successfully doenloaded the image files from cisco website, I dont know how to upgrade the firmware to the SIP version.
the phone is getting an ip address from my Windows 2003 box. but its still looking for call manager on ip address 10.x.x.x. I went through the menu hoping that I can at least manually configure it to boot from my asterisk box. but I cannot change any configuration on it.
ANy help will be much appreciated.