Unknown RTP codec 123 received from 'IP:16402'

I am trying to connect an MRD E1 line to an asterisk conference call.

I made everything working but the CISCO ROUTER is constantly ringing asterisk

I have thousands of Notice message like below

[Sep 29 12:55:41] NOTICE [29577][C-0000000e] : res_rtp_asterisk.c:3767 ast_rtp_read: Unknown RTP codec 123 received from 'IP:16402'

Can I stop asterisk from listening this warnings somehow?


If you disable notice from your console in logger.conf it will stop the messages from being output, but you may miss other messages. There’s no other way except for modifying Asterisk.

Do you know why is the cisco router sending these messages?
What should I tell to disable? Do you know anything about CAS signaling?

I don’t know why it is sending it, and I don’t know about CAS signaling. The message itself is output when Asterisk receives an RTP packet with a payload that was not negotiated. In this case it’s a dynamic payload (123) so we truly have no idea what it is.

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Thank you for your help